Educational Question

Should there be options when it comes to how students take tests? For example, should there be a technology based form tests? Or should schools stick to the more traditional paper-pencil tests? Does it make a difference?


4 Responses to “Educational Question”

  1. Jaci Brown Says:

    I think there should always be options for testing. I am not sure taking a traditional test on the computer vs. with a paper and pencil makes a difference though. Instead, I think there should be other ways of “testing” a student. If we turned to nontraditional forms of assessment like checklists, observations, and open ended projects that require critical thinking scores, that is when the difference will be able to be seen.

  2. jberg1 Says:

    I believe there should be alternative ways to take tests, so that students don’t feel so much pressure when exams are given. All students have different learning styles so it makes sense that teachers should experiment when it comes to the types of assessments they are using in their classrooms. I think that technology based tests could be helpful for certain students, especially if you could use a SmartBoard and the clickers that accompany it. I think that it would make a major difference in the way students learn and should be used as an alternative test taking method.

  3. Emily Says:

    It’s my opinion that tests, just like lessons, should be differentiated. This means that students should be able to test in a way that they can succeed (because that’s what teachers want for their students!)

    However, because of high stakes testing and our national testing obsession, differentiating tests might be a far ways off for teachers.

  4. chara78 Says:

    Student differentiation should always be available. Whether differentiation includes classwork, homework, or test it should always be a option. If every student learns in their own unique style, then yes it does make a difference!

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